Tips for Wallpaper Removal

Homeowners beware of all the many techniques or devices available for purchase to help you with that simple as pie wallpaper removal. The truth is if the walls weren’t prepped correctly before installation than it will be hard for you or any professional you hire.

Stripping wallpaper is much different than removing wallpapers of the past!
The use of nonwoven backings, or fabric backed vinyl make todays installation and removal much easier, although the best papers are still produced the same way today as they were a hundred years ago. High end papers require the correct wall prep to assure their sustainability, longevity and easy removal. YouTube offers a large variety of helpful videos to get you started. Caution to following these instructions however because every wall situation can be different. I don’t recommend the scoring tools or steamers that can cause substantial damage in the wrong hands.

We are Residential and Commercial Wallpaper Removal and Wallpaper Stripping Experts

At Heritage we pride ourselves in the ability to discern the type of wallpaper removal your job requires. With over 30 yrs of installation and removal experience, there is not much we haven’t seen. Our clients include many historical restorations that require multiple layer removals and plaster or drywall repair before new wallcoverings can be applied. We have successfully removed, repaired and replaced for many amazing commercial properties, Most recently we concluded restoration of the Brown palace in downtown Denver. We are sought after by companies that require professional finishes of insanely expensive wallcoverings and fabrics, and need to complete them with the smallest impact possible on their customers. We use this same approach for all our residential wallpaper removals as well. Low impact and fast completion coupled with extreme experience tell you what we are all about.

Know your Wallpaper

Stripping wallpaper is like a snake in the grass you just need to know if it’s a Rattlesnake or a Garden snake. Many builders in the late 70’s and 80’s hung wallpaper without wall prep or priming. Those papers became part of the Drywall and may never come off. Some wallpaper will remove at the first layer or face and leave a backing that has a permanent bond with the drywall. There are options to seal and finish those walls to any standard desired.

Cost of Wallpaper Removal / Stripping

Cost of wallpaper removal can vary based on the project. Simple wallpaper removals generally cost about 20 to 30 dollars per roll and can be cheaper or more expensive depending on the circumstances.

At Heritage we know you will have us back to do additional rooms or replace existing projects we have already done for you in the past. It is for that very reason we want to be able to remove our previous installations and give you a new and exciting look. We insist on professional wall prep or priming either by you or our crew. With the use of proper primers and strippable adhesives we can be assured of the ability to remove and replace your design at anytime with no additional expense for repair to damaged walls. We remove and install wallpaper for most every large hotel chain in the country. We maintain a crew of between 6 and 8 experienced installers who know every facet of both residential and commercial wallpaper removal. We were commissioned to perform an Historical restoration of the Hunt Phelan house in Memphis Tennessee. This Civil War era Restoration had many unforeseen challenges including recording the various layers for a historic book of wallpapers from the past.

Domed Ceiling Wallpaper Removal
The most unique removal and wall prep came from a domed ceiling that had multiple layers to remove and prep. The final layer was canvass and the owners had artists from San Francisco come in and paint new canvass panels that had to to be hung and custom cut to fit the dome shape of the ceiling.

Commercial Wallpaper Removal
Restaurants, offices, homes and businesses alike use our wallpaper hanging and removal services because of the knowledge and experience we offer our clients.

30 Years of Wallpaper Experience – Family Owned
As a family owned and operated business for the last 30 years we now employ the third generation of installers from our own family. We have 4 children who now work in the business of wallpaper installation and removal. We are true craftsmen in every sense of the word. So easy removal of wallpaper is possible… just hire the removal and installation experts at Heritage Wallpaper & Blinds. We’ve also been told we are much cheaper than couples counseling.

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